Three Kentucky Health and Safety Visionaries

Three Kentucky Health and Safety Visionaries

Kentucky is known for horse racing and bluegrass music, but it’s also the home to some amazing pioneers in the field of health and wellness. These men, both past and present, modernized health and safety for all.


One innovator in the peptide weight loss market is Ryan Smith Lexington KY, co-founder of Tailor Made Compounding. Smith’s interest in integrative medicine began at a young age when he observed his family members dealing with various illnesses. His dedication to helping others live a healthier lifestyle continued when he studied biochemistry and bioethics in college. Opening a compounding pharmacy in 2015 helped him realize his simultaneous goals of health-care research and innovation. Smith’s devotion to helping people reach their health goals is evident through his continued drive to develop more and better innovative products and services on the cutting edge of the integrative healthcare industry.  


Garrett Morgan, born in Paris, Kentucky in 1844, was constantly inventing products to make the lives of those around him safer. He designed the first “safety hood” for firefighters and others who encountered dangerous smoke and gas in their line of work. In addition, he created a warning light that alerted drivers to stop at intersections. Morgan’s prototype gas mask and traffic light are now ubiquitous safety features in modern life. Because Morgan was African American, he did not receive the recognition he deserved during his lifetime.


American surgeon Ephraim McDowell was the first doctor to remove an ovarian tumor in 1809 in Danville, Kentucky. His patient not only survived the surgery without painkillers, but she also lived another 30 years. Ironically, this pioneer in the field of abdominal surgery most likely died in 1830 from a burst appendix. His house in Danville is now a museum.

These health-care innovators worked to make the world a safer, healthier place. What started in Kentucky really did change, and continues to change, the world for the better.